Possitive Effect and Negative Effect of Video Games – Contoh Discussion Text

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Discussion text merupakan materi yang dipelajari di SMA/MA/SMK. Biasanya teks ini menjadi salah satu bahan ujian baik secara lisan maupun tulisan. Apakah kamu masih bingung bagaimana cara menyusun contoh discussion text?

Discussion text adalah teks yang di dalam nya terdapat dua opini atau pendapat terhadap suatu isu kontroversial. Opini dalam sebuah contoh discussion text yaitu pro/setuju maupun kontra/tidak setuju.

Generic Structure atau Struktur Discussion Text

Isu/Statement of Issue

Poin Pendukung/List of Supporting Points

Poin Berlawanan/List of Contrastive Points

Kesimpulan/Conclusion atau Rekomendasi/Recommendation


Fokus pada hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan manusia dan non-manusia.

Menggunakan kata-kata hubung yang bermakna berlawanan misalnya, but, however, in other side dan konsekuensinya (sebab akibat) misalnya: so, then.

Menggunakan kata-kata yang berarti berfikir seperti: feel, hope, believe.

Menggunakan Simple Present.

Contoh Discussion Text Beserta Artinya :

Contoh Discussion Text – Video Games

Possitive Effect and Negative Effect of Video Games

Nowadays, the video games industry is developing rapidly. It becomes a multi-billion dollar industry. Video games have become an important part not only in the children’ life, but also in the adults’ life. Nevertheless, there is an argument whether video games bring good or bad influences on children.

People who have a pro argument claim that video games give a lot of benefits, playing video games is a good way to kill children’s boredom. It can refresh the children’s mind after a tiring school day. Moreover, they also argue that video games can trigger children to be more creative because the games provide challenging ways to win. In other words, they believe that the video games can actually sharpen a human’s brain.

Conversely, some people believe that video games make children lazy. They argue that playing video games is addictive. As a consequence, most of the children prefer playing video games to studying. These children find it hard to concentrate on their study because they always think about how to spend more time playing video games. In fact, there are also some children who skip their extracurricular lessons, just because they want to play video games. In addition, most of the video games often expose too much violence. Two years ago in the USA, for example, a student shot his teacher and some of his friends. Newspapers said that the boy was deeply influenced by the actions in the video games he used to play with.

It is obvious that video games have more disadvantages than advantages. Therefore, parents should be very careful in selecting the appropriate games for their children.

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